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Wormax2.io is a worm io game called version 2 of Wormax.io game. In this game, you must fight against many opponents and have the biggest worm. The biggest novelty of this game is that your character has 3 health rights. In this way, it is prevented to lose your all points in a game and you can keep your points for a long time easily.

You can find information about this game on our website which are game guides, special offers, quests, skills, skins, premium, accounts, gold, artifacts, and many more. The main purpose of our website is to increase the level of knowledge about the game at the level of all players. All players can access all information on our site free of charge. Thus, they can collect more points by learning more about the game.

The official language of Wormax2io.com is only English. The hosting of Wormax2io.com is located in Los Angeles, CA – the United States.


For Players: [email protected]
For Developers: [email protected]