Wormax2.io Controls Guide

wormax2.io controls

Wormax2.io game is the new version of the traditional Wormax.io game. The gameplay of this game is quite similar to the old game. In this article, we will elaborate on Wormax2.io controls.

How you can use the Wormax2.io controls?

The game has basic Wormax2.io controls and you can regulate the motions wisely. Therefore, you can control the motion of a snake home with help of mouse cursor control. Even you can use the spacebar in the game to accelerate the speed of a snake. But, you have to sacrifice some points If you are using the booster. Additionally, the snake has three lives in the game. You can use your life in the left corner of the screen. When you are dying, you can lose one life and you have to use another one.

Sometimes you can see yourself in the game as a Ghost and there is a lot of food in your body. When you are eating the food from your old life then the score is not the same, because half of the food remains on the ground.

wormax2.io controls

In the game, there is a mini-map that you can use to find the location of other opponents. Therefore, you can make the use of leaderboard and check out the score of another opponent. It helps you to watch the differentiation of four amongst you an enemy. Even you can watch the length of your snake.

In the Wormax2.io game, you don’t need to be afraid and try to use the strategies to make the gameplay better. Therefore, you can use the arrow keys w a s d to move the snake. With these keys on the keyboard, you can Wormax2.io controls the snake very well and enjoy the speed up when you are using the bonus.

What to do to make gameplay better?

To make gameplay better, you have to use the booster at the correct time and use better strategies to target other snakes. With the help of minimap, you can find the location of the snake and try the different strategies on them. These strategies can help you to kill them wisely and you can increase the points. There are many different features in the Wormax2.io game. You can get information about premium, skills, and boosters with the Wormax2.io wiki.

The role of Wormax2.io controls

With controls, you can understand the basics of the game and see how to what you have to do in the game exactly. In the game, you can eat the food very well and targets or AIMS other snakes. With the help of control, you can point to other Snakes and eat them to increase the size and mass of your snake. So, you have to understand the Wormax2.io controls very well if you want to make the gameplay better.

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