• Wormax2.io GuidePhoto of Wormax2.io Unblocked Game

    Wormax2.io Unblocked Game

    Wormax2.io is a new generation game which is developed and updated. In this game, you can enjoy the collaboration of snakes and this game contains food eating system. Therefore, you can play unblock the version of wormax2.io unblocked. Now, this…

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  • Wormax2.io GuidePhoto of What Are Wormax2.io Boosters?

    What Are Wormax2.io Boosters?

    Wormax2.io is a slither.io-like game with many different features. There are different kinds of boosters in this game. Wormax2.io boosters have 6 and each has different features. In this article we will discuss the features and advantages of Wormax2.io boosters.…

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  • Wormax2.io GuidePhoto of Wormax2.io Skills Guide

    Wormax2.io Skills Guide

    Wormax2.io includes many improvements compared to version 1 but this game contains 3 skills in the same way as the old wormax.io game. Wormax2.io skills are briefly acceralation, stop and ghost modes. You can find and have these skills on…

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  • Wormax2.io GuidePhoto of Wormax2.io Premium Advantages

    Wormax2.io Premium Advantages

    Wormax2.io is an advanced and multi-feature online snake io game. There are many different features in this game, but the site makes ads impressions. If you do not want to see ads and want to support the game financially, you…

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  • Wormax2.io GuidePhoto of Wormax2.io Game Guide

    Wormax2.io Game Guide

    Wormax2.io game is the 2nd version of wormax.io game. In this game, improvements were made for the deficiencies in the first game and innovations were made according to the feedback received from the players. The most important innovation in this…

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